Within health and care, we all have times when need to keep focused to ensure mistakes don’t happen, or that tasks don’t take longer than planned. This article is not rocket science just a simple reminder of the steps we should take to help keep on task. It is so easy in a busy ward / clinical setting to get distracted as we keep re-priories our ‘to do list’ as we think we need to remain focused on patients care. All too often we feel overwhelmed forget to steps back and remember that all our tasks should lead to one thing which is the patient.

Although this was a simple and logical approach to remain focused, it is also an important remember of why we need to keep focused. All tasks lead back to patients care and that is why we should prevent distractions.

Kate Pound


This contextual piece was written by Kate Pound, Transformation Fellow, Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality @KateSlater2