There is a famous Banksy painting. It has a drab outdoor background and a girl reaching out for or letting go of a red balloon ( no one seems sure which – perhaps its both ).  Written on a wall are the words ‘There is always Hope’. Its a powerful message. In the darkness and greyness of our work, services and life we need often to hear this message. ‘There is always Hope’. We also need to find and be close to those like the young girl reaching out for the bright and good and sharing kind acts and dreams.

At a recent national NHS event I did a workshop with Maxine Craig. We asked the participants to raise their hands if they had ever talked in their teams about hope. Only one hand was raised and that was someone from my own NHS Trust who works with me on this theme!

This writing by Tony is a part of the work of speaking hope and sharing possibilities. It is wonderfully written from a pen and heart that cares for others. It calls us all to recognise those embers burning around us and indeed in us and nurture them to flame and spread. Hope kindling is a duty, need and art. Services and organisations without hope will internally decay. It really is that serious. May we all hear the call Tony makes. On it depends much.