In issue 7 of The Edge Book Club, Kate Pound reviews a list of five marketing books, by Doz, through the lens of a health and care radical. What did she learn? Are marketing resources really relevant to change activists?

You can read the list here: 5 books that should really be on your 2015 reading list!

Kate says…

I was really surprised by this list, as I expected the books picked to be really heavy and hard to read, but I was wrong. All the books are ones I would want to read. The focus of all the books is about developing connections to support our world, and in the School for Health and Care Radicals (SHCR), our world is changing within health and care.

In the new world of change, our networks and connections will be vital as through them we will be empowered and supported to deliver change. We need to look beyond our strong ties and link with the ‘weak’ or ‘disconnected’ ties. All of these books talk you through the why and how of doing this and suggests tools, such as social media, that can help.

The SHCR has been a great step forward to meet new people with shared values. This is just the start of our journey. Even if you weren’t part of the school, it is never too late to join the ever-growing community of change agents, activists, and radicals in health and care. Subscribing to The Edge is a really good place to start.

Kate Pound


This review was written by Kate Pound, Transformation Fellow, Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality @KateSlater2