The article is written to teach children what is needed for success. It was mainly chosen for its transferability to healthcare innovation.

Change Day’s concept is to bring people together and use the power of people to improve the NHS. The author explains that following 8 simple lessons improves the chances of success. Patients and Staff, just like Mr Haux at Pixar, are small fish in a large organisation but bringing people together creates power. Tenacity Matters, the need to push forward and keep trying is essential. Art to tell our reality is an important concept, telling our narrative, builds connectivity. Feed off others ideas and let go of egos is the same as Do, Share and Inspire others to create change.

As a Hubbie our goal is to help those just starting out, we are here to build a community of NHS hero’s, to aid in a better NHS.



This piece was written by Danielle Gillett, Student Nurse at Edge Hill University, Ormskirik.