There’s not long to go until the inaugural virtual book club on Tuesday 16th December 2014 at 19.00GMT.  We will be holding a tweet chat with the authors of ‘A World Gone Social.’ If you have a question for the authors, Ted Coiné @TedCoine or Mark Babbitt @MarkSBabbitt then why not tweet us @TheEdgeNHS using the hashtag #BooksatTheEdge or email us and will pick up the questions with Ted and Mark on the 16th December .share

We are delighted that Ted and Mark have agreed to feature in our first ever virtual bookclub #BooksatTheEdge. This is an unique opportunity to build on your learning from this book by joining with its co-authors and a whole host of others who are passionate about change activism to reflect, discuss, learn and enhance your actionable knowledge.

A World Gone Social delves into social media’s impact on leadership and management and guides leaders on how to make the shift. We think this is a really fantastic book to kick-start our virtual book club.

You can buy ‘A World Gone Social’ as a print or digital version here.

What is #BooksatTheEdge?

We believe strongly that knowledge cannot be derived solely from articles. In a fast paced world where we rely on easily digestible bite-sized chunks of information, we can often neglect the deeper, richer knowledge and learning that is gained from reading a book.

There is no shortage of texts on a whole host of topics that we know will be of particular interest to change activists in health and care, and for that reason, we have decided to launch a virtual book club #BooksatTheEdge that will accompany and enhance our book reviews.

The idea is that we will publish a review of book, and at the same time, announce a date and time for a virtual book club which will take the form of a Twitter chat. The author/s or editor/s of the reviewed book will be invited to facilitate a club, offering a valuable opportunity to reflect and extract actionable knowledge book in more detail alongside others whilst being able to tap into the mindset and expert knowledge of the author themselves.

We are really excited about this feature of The Edge and we hope you will get involved and join in, as well as making suggestions for books to review, or offering to be the guest reviewer? Please send us a message via our ‘Contact us‘ page and tell us your ideas.