An essential part of the change process is measuring the outcomes of any change that has been implemented. Outcome, process and balancing measures are all required to assess whether the changes are having the desired effect, being implemented correctly and whether there are any unintended consequences elsewhere in the healthcare system.

It can be tempting to concentrate assessment on specific areas such as interesting topics, areas of success without looking at the wider picture, or limiting data to a small timeframe. Falling into these traps will not provide useable assessments and so the following process should be adopted:

Develop an aim statement and improvement theory to be clear about what is to be accomplished and what factors need to be worked on to achieve this. Identify the outcome, process and balancing measures that will need to be analysed and a system that allows for the collection of all the necessary data. Analyse the data in the most comprehensive way possible and demonstrate the results in easy-to-understand form, complete with an interpretation of the results. Communicate the results, including failures as well as successes so that improvements can be made.