By Zoe Scaman @LibertineWomen

The article is written from the perspective of change consultants Undercurrent, who share their strategies for working with the resistance their role inevitably, evokes.

They identify common causes for this resistance including comfort with the status quo and the fear of reduced status and autonomy heralded by collaborative rather than hierarchical relationships.

Undercurrent advocate empathy as a response to resistance, beginning with senior leaders who think they have the most to lose and defining empathy as ”the ability to understand and share the feelings of others”. This is a challenging approach for systems that privilege performance and urgency as drivers for change, with limited time, value or energy left for the slower, relational capability that empathy requires.


Author Allison Trimble, @allisontrimble1

Allison is Senior Leadership Consultant at the King’s Fund brokering collaborative relationships between health care professionals, patients and communities.