Women who become seriously ill in pregnancy; families of babies cared for in a neonatal unit; and women whose babies die in the second trimester often fall between the cracks of NHS services, due to the way services and pathways are set up. They become ‘Nobody’s Patient.’

April’s Edge Talk will give participants the opportunity to hear about the Nobody’s Patient project, which was sponsored by the NHS England Maternity Challenge Fund to improve care and experience for families who are typically seldom heard. The talk will describe why the project – part of the #MatExp social movement – was created. It will also detail how families and multidisciplinary staff came together during two pilot workshops at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and at St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to co-produce solutions to improve the care and experience for other families, and for the staff who care for them. Because nobody should feel like they are nobody’s patient.

This Edge Talk will be of interest not only to those involved in maternity services, but will also appeal to anyone working in engagement and co-production, especially with groups who are typically labelled ‘seldom heard’, or ‘hard to reach’.

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Leading April’s talk are:

Leigh Kendall (@leighakendall), Patient Leader of Hugo’s Legacy (and the Communications and Social Media Manager at Horizons).

Catherine MacLennan (@thepinksnblues), Founder of the Pinks and The Blues CIC, a group  which offers one-to-one and group support for anyone who has suffered the loss of their baby in the first or second trimester.

Gill Phillips (@WhoseShoes), Founder of the Whose Shoes concept which is the linchpin of the Nobody’s Patient and #MatExp workshops. The Whose Shoes game is a powerful and innovative method of bringing together diverse groups of people, supporting them to empathise and understand view points, and enabling them to co-produce solutions.