There is much debate recently about the role of leadership in health and other sectors in the social age. Therefore Ayelet’s mission to distil the essence of 21st-century leadership within a book appears challenging at first. The article provides early insight into the themes uncovered thus far, drawn from numerous meetings and engaging conversations.

Four key trends have been identified for 21st century leaders which will help change agents and patient leaders make a difference in healthcare. First they break down silos, support communities and engage in a wider conversation. Secondly they demystify change and understand that shared purpose will enable co-creation and build communities. Thirdly 21st-century leaders understand the importance of respect, trust and building relationships. Finally, there is the power of vulnerability, providing space for creativity and hiring the best and brightest people to partner with them.

One point that stands out is that 21st-century leaders are not top down hierarchal leaders, they don’t delegate responsibility, they work hard to build communities and shared purpose. Being a leader in the social age is challenging. I look forward to hearing more insights from Ayelet’s work when the book is completed.

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