Lolly Daskal’s engaging and inspiring article describes the opportunity every individual has to become a leader who others desire to follow. The article provides opportunities to reflect on personal behaviours and actions and compare these to the suggested attributes which a worthy and successful leader should possess. Daskal highlights the importance of having the ability to lead with trust and fairness. Relationships with colleagues which encompass trust and fairness can ensure equality and honesty between every individual which contributes to a strong, supportive and effective team. In turn, this allows all members of a team to lead one another through sharing knowledge, skills and experiences regardless of our job title. If all individuals feel competent and confident within their team, this can impact tremendously not only on their well-being, but also on the standard and quality of care which is delivered to our patients.

Emilie Hunde

This contextual piece was written by Emilie Hindle , Student Nurse and Health Care Assistant at Nuffield Health Derby Hospital  @emilie_hindle