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An excellent and highly relevant article by Gary Hamel @ProfHamel and Michele Zahini @MicheleZanini. Even the best intentioned change management processes can lead to results of a totally opposite effect. This is because:

1. Change starts at the top
2. Change is rolled-out
3. Change is engineered

The notion of a change platform is one that, “…allows anyone to initiate change, recruit confederates, suggest solutions, and launch experiments.” A change platform happens in real-time and is socially constructed.

Hamel and Zanini outline the three major shifts that need to occur to ‘reimagine the model for change’:

1. From top-down to activist-out
2. From sold to invited
3. From managed to organic

This is an approach full of promise and possibilities but how can we go about doing this in practice?

Dorset HealthCare launched a social innovation and ideas platform called “i-matter” which is an example of a change platform.

Take time to consider the three shifts in approach, and what this would mean for you and your team or organisation. Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

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