What has been your most notable radical accomplishment or experience?

“Developing the brand of My Trusty® from a moisturising cream made in a hospital pharmacy to a range of products sold via mytrusty.co.uk, Amazon, Hospitals, GP practices, pharmacies and retailers. The values of the brand fit with my ethos as all profits go back to patient care and formulations are carefully designed to reflect the research undertaken on current trends such as natural products.

Why am I proud of this accomplishment and experience? Because people said it could not be done, it’s a full on team effort (thank you to all involved) and the support every day that comes from NHS staff, customers and retailers who believe in the products.

The two new products from the My Trusty® range (Body Butter and Face and Body Oil) are special as they are my innovations utilising clinical nursing knowledge, aromatherapy and industry research.”

When did you first realise that you are a health & care radical?

“When I presented on the WebEx for School for Health and Care Radicals and launched my Flipboard magazine on line #CuttingEdge. The combination of both and feedback made me feel inspired, genuine, humble and part of a bigger social movement worldwide of change agents.”

What advice do you wish someone had given you earlier in your career?

“Be authentic, inspire, challenge, listen and model the change that you want to happen. I was probably given that advice, but as a careful rebel it takes courage to be authentic, dig deep and let that positive rebel out full time.”

What is your favourite radical characteristic?

“Passionate belief in the value of doing what I do.”

What is your favourite question?

“The one I answer well.”

What one clue tells you you’re affecting positive change?

“Feedback, an understanding that people recognise a shared purpose and a willingness to engage.”

What do you think it’s most important for people to understand about radicals

“Being a positive radical is a good thing you really want one on your team. They question because they care!”

What’s your one word piece of advice for radicals?


What’s your one word piece of advice for non-radicals?


Where do you think radicals are most needed today?

“Positive radicals are needed to challenge the status quo. We live in extraordinary times of ground breaking technology and social media connection yet compassionate care and being part of a supportive network is still what matters.

Who knew that we needed a new product, pathway, campaign?…someone did, took the risk and put it in place! Radicals notice things that make a difference and inspire others to do something. Good healthcare examples are #Hellomynameis and #NHSChangeDay.”

Who is your favourite radical from the past 100 years?

“Many radicals/rebels for different aspects of my work and outlook. Their common aim being to challenge the status quo, stimulate new thinking and bring about greater understanding.”

What’s the one thing you should never say to a radical?

“It’s not possible.”

How do you rate yourself as a radical?

“I sometimes rock the boat if it needs rocking to bring about positive change and inspire others.”

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