Our-Shared-Purpose-A-Practical-GuideEvent details:

Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2015
Time: 10am until 4:30pm | Refreshments from 9:30am
Location: Hub Westminster, First Floor, New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4TE
Website: http://www.hubwestminster.net
Hashtag: #CMHack
Dress code for the hack day: smart casual
What to bring: A laptop or tablet (i.e. iPad) would be helpful as you may wish to use the internet to source ideas and information – however this is not essential.

Here’s what we’d like you to do before the hack day: click here

There has never been a better time to really scrutinise the way we go about change in health and care. There is a growing body of evidence and practical know-how behind effective and successful change and we must make sure that our change efforts are designed to take full account of the evidence based and lessons learned.

The NHS Change Model has been one of the leading models of change used in the NHS over the past couple of years. We know that some improvement leaders would not be without it and use the model extensively, to underpin and structure all their change activities. We also recognise that there are some change leaders that are not so keen on the NHS Change Model. They have found it hard to apply the model in a practical and useful way and there are others who think that it should be broadened out from just being an NHS-specific model.

The way we lead change must always adapt and evolve with the times and as such, we feel it is timely and opportune to review and revise the NHS Change Model. Our starting point is hearing and understanding exactly what the people leading change in health and care say they need to support them. We want to use methods that fly in the face of tradition and open up new, exciting and creative opportunities.

We have organised a hack day for about 80 selected people that we feel bring diverse and wide-ranging perspectives to the table. Hack events have traditionally been associated with technology and programming to solve problems, but we are adapting the concept and applying the same principles to ‘hack’ the NHS Change Model, in just one day. You don’t need any techie skills, just insight, ideas and energy to work with others to think deeply about change and collaborate over how we could do it better.

On this day we will be:

  1. Reviewing how change currently happens in health and care and what people leading change need to support them
  2. Reviewing the NHS Change Model
  3. Designing a proof of concept to support and enable change across health and care

Our hack day will be facilitated by:

Perry Timms: one the UK’s leading advocates of hackathon approaches for service transformation.

Helen Bevan: globally recognised for her expertise in new era thinking and large-scale change.

Zoe Lord: national improvement specialist, leading the work on the NHS Change Model.