The Transforming Perceptions of Nursing programme was re-named ‘Nursing Now England’ in December 2018. This key piece of work is being aligned with the global Nursing Now campaign, which also aims to raise the status and profile of nursing. Read about the launch event.

What does a Nursing Now England Ambassador do?

  • Acts as a local ambassador for nursing, representing our profession in a positive light and by doing so, building awareness and positive perceptions
  • Creates a bridge between activities to promote nursing locally and the nationwide campaign
  • Speaks for local organisations and the nurses in them within the national campaign
  • Brings back the ideas and calls to action from the national campaign and customise, remix and reshape then so they will work in a local context
  • Leads the local version of the campaign and get people engaged and taking action

Who can be a Nursing Now England Ambassador?

  • Everyone from first year students to all registrants on NMC and supporters
  • Practitioners from all stages in their career across all disciplines and sectors
  • Those in full and part time employment
  • People working across health and care sectors, including voluntary organisations

What support will you receive?

  • Coaching and mentoring support
  • Have an opportunity to build your own and collective agency for change
  • Join a growing national network
  • Share what works and develop your knowledge and learning
  • Take part in an exciting programme of events and challenges including a regular newsletter and opportunity to participate in virtual and face-to-face meetings
  • Be able to demonstrate your passion and pride for the professions

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Get involved with the monthly challenges:

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Interview with Mike Kane MP with advice about having a meeting with your MP.

The March challenge – Randomised Coffee Trial resource pack


What is Nursing Now?

The aim of Nursing Now is to improve health globally by raising the profile and status of nurses worldwide by influencing policymakers and supporting nurses to lead, learn and build a global movement.


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