On this page you will find information about the Leadership Development Community (LDIC), and how to join. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – the details are below.

What is the LDIC?

The purpose of the LDIC is to support those in the health and care system whose role is in leadership development, innovation and/or improvement at national and/or cross-locality levels.

The LDIC aspires to create a community of practice to support the networked learning and development of its participants. At the heart of this offer is a free, monthly WebEx session which led by senior improvement leaders who share their learning, resources and the latest developments shaping their practice.

Who can join the LDIC?

The typical participant profile is a senior improvement professional in the healthcare system.

How do I join the LDIC?

Please contact Janet Wildman, Associate NHS Horizons at janet.wildman@nhs.net.

When are the WebEx sessions?

The sessions are held monthly: dates and speakers for the next three months are below. All sessions start at 9.30am, and last for an hour.

Friday 29 September – Dr Julia Taylor, Director of the ACT Academy

Friday 27 October – Dr Mike Hearne, Medical Director, Taurus Healthcare Ltd

Friday 24th November – Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive , NCVO; Alexandra Ankrah, Head of Health & Care, Social Action Team ,Office for Civil Society; Sharon Blackburn,  Director, National Care Forum