Michael West sets out the challenges facing organisations keen to pick up the Five Year Forward View and move into New Models of Care including human impulses to discriminate “in groups” from “out groups”. Across NHS organisations there are many whose success and loyalty is strongly connected to their own organisation, so making the shift to share gain and pain across a whole system is a really tough ask.

West suggests three solutions – establishing an overarching shared vision with constant progress towards improved patient care, secondly, building sustained relationships built on continual close working and addressing conflicts, and finally, building mutual support and trust.

Knowing how difficult this is, it will be essential that we share stories and learn from them, so we don’t get dispirited when we hit problems. We need leaders who have the skills to guide us though when we hit the realities of human behaviour.

Nicola KingstonCommentary by Nicola Kingston @Nicola 1942

Nicola is a Patient Leader, Chair of Southwark & Lambeth Integrated Care Citizen Board, patient voice on the Clinical Senate with a passion for Co-production, Equality and Empowerment.