A hackathon is a great way to deliver passion, caffeine, and free labor – Vooza

For those of you not familiar with the concept of Hackathons the concept is laughably simple despite the techie sounding title.  Think of the brainstorming sessions you have had to design new ideas for old problems, a Hackathon is a modern take on this concept.  This isn’t to devalue the idea of a Hackathon in concept though, where Hackathons shine is where they are used to engage with peoples passion, rather than with a Corporate problem.

Often people volunteer their time beyond their day jobs because they believe in the ideas so much. – Tom Fishburne

This article explores the challenge of accessing this passion rather than with the practical applications of a hackathon and as such provides a valuable insight into Hackathons from a perspective rarely acknowledged.

While this medium started in the IT sector its scope has broadened with the NHS running its own Hacks now – http://nhshackday.com/  Consider what issues you face and whether a Hack could help.