There are many ways to share content online and one of the most interesting is to create your own virtual scrapbook using tools such as ‘Flipboard’. The attached article and commentary below are from our very own Carol Read and excellently demonstrates how to use this format.

Paul Woodley

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new approach for health and social care. To try and improve the knowledge base around the subject and support the #Care Design 2016 project I have put together this Flipboard magazine.

A selection of examples from around the world have been curated to show the way crowdsourcing is being used in emergency situations, education, journalism, storytelling, innovation and health.

We are trying a unique crowdsourcing approach to design care principles at Horizons, NHS England. Starting with the initial principles developed from years of research, asking the crowd to work with the principles and add insight, evaluation of the data, review by expert panel and then crowdsourcing good examples. The first sprint has taken place and you can join us for the second sprint launched at the Transformathon 24 hour event 27th January. Check out the #CareDesign 2016 website and Transformathon page on The Edge.

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