This short [3:49] animated video is intended for anyone who wants to understand what crowdsourcing is all about [in a nutsell] without jargon. It assumes no prior knowledge, you don’t need to be technical and it opens up ideas as to the best ways for you to go about harnessing the collective intelligence of ‘the crowd’ to solve problems or co-produce solutions.

I think we’ve only scratched the surface of the potential of crowdsourcing in health and care. We talk of it as if it’s something a bit ‘out there’ when in fact, we should be embracing the opportunity as a mainstream way of joining forces to discover diverse solutions and amazing ideas that could transform the way in which we deliver health and care.

This week, I took part in a webinar along with colleagues from NHS Improving Quality (@NHSIQ) and British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council (@BCPSQC) using the hashtag: #NHSIQ2BC. We heard from Marlies van Dijk (@tweetvandijk) who told us of her crowdsourcing work addresing the issue, “What does it take to improve surgical care?” using an open meeting format. She asked the webinar,

“Who would take the risk of holding an open meeting for 170 people without an agenda?!”

This idea might fill some of you with dread…lack of control…free for all…? For others (like me) this is music to my ears and I am filled with positivity and hope when I think of the not only the potential outputs, but also the benefits to participants for being part of such an experience. So, watch the video and see what you think. If you liked this video, you will probably enjoy another of our articles in this issue of The Edge which you can read here.

How could crowdsourcing be used in your line of work?

What simple steps could you take to get ‘the crowd’ involved in your projects and work?