Are you interested in developing new forms of engagement to really hear what your customers think and feel? Surveys provide a good starting point as they achieve a number of positive benefits in terms of reach, breadth and potential rigor in the analysis phase. If you have a preference however for qualitative ways of knowing you will constantly be looking for alternative approaches. In a more digital age, crowdsourcing takes participation to new levels. The power lies with the audience to tell their stories, share their ideas and generate new threads. For example Crowdicity is a platform that enables you to innovate with participants and involve them in your innovation process. Crowdicity is the smarter and more cost effective ways to harness the intelligence of your crowd. Before you adopt crowdsourcing you need to read this article. Crowdsourcing is a useful data collection method but it also presents challenges in terms of analysing large data sets that tend to be highly individualised. Let us know your top ten tips of using crowdsourcing.