Logan Merriam is part of a new and growing breed of “patient entrepreneur”. I use the term entrepreneur in the sense that Peter Drucker described it “Innovation is a specific tool of an entrepreneur hence an effective entrepreneur converts a source into a resource.” The “source” in Logan’s case is his experience of living with a long term condition namely Crohn’s disease. The “resource” is that his decision to use his skills as a self-confessed “professional nerd” to codify and understand his condition. He developed from that an app called “Flaredown” which allows people to work visually with their own health data and work out patterns in symptoms, come up with potential solutions and even generates reports for doctors.
In this article he reflects on the process he went through in developing his new resource and drew from that key messages for others looking to develop similar tools.

The face of Patient Involvement in healthcare is changing. People like Logan Merriam and in the UK, Michael Seres are showing that we may have been diagnosed with life changing health conditions but we also have skills and insight that enable us to create our own solutions.