Digital transformation is defined by CapGemini as, “The use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises.”

This article by Brian Solis @briansolis claims that too many organisation approach their digital transformation from a technology perspective,

“Technology adoption is not the solution: it is merely an enabler for transformation”.

The take-home message is the human element of change that requires vision and empathy, without which businesses succumb to what Solis calls “‘Digital Darwinism’, when technology and society evolve beyond the ability to adapt and thrive.”

I’d like to pair this article up with another that I read recently, “The importance of digital transformation” by Paul Hokins (September, 2014) which distinguishes between the three stages of maturity to true digital transformation:

1. Digitally reactive

2. Digitally strategic

3. Digitally transformational


Points for reflection…

* What experiences of digital transformation do you have in a health and care setting?

* To what extent was the ‘customer journey’ mapped out to get a really clear idea of the customer or consumer journey?

* What’s your experience of ‘digital champions’ at work? Do they help the transformation process?

* What would you do differently if you could design a digital transformation programme?

We’d love to hear your views on this article and discussion points.

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