Have you got Klout and Kred (and does it really matter?)

I’m fairly new to the whole online influence thing, and was more concerned with number of followers than any other measure. When I found out about Klout I thought I’d go and have a look at how I measured up. “Congratulations, you’ve got a Klout of 56!” (apparently an elite level of influence), so what does this mean to me? Honestly? Not a lot, as I’m more concerned about what I’m doing (or not doing) on Twitter that engage and interest people. Do I have meaningful, helpful, stimulating discussions with a wide range of people? Sometimes…could do better!

For me, my online presence is an extension of how I would want others to perceive me and interact with me in real life. I know that when I went for my job in the Horizons Group at NHS Improving Quality, I was already known to the team through my Twitter activity. When I meet people at conferences, I hope they will feel like they are talking to @JodiMBrown just as much as Jodi Brown. Influence, for me, comes with congruence, authenticity, credibility and generosity. What about you?

What are the key characteristics of the ‘influential’ people that you follow on social media?

Should social media influence really matter to change activists?

What one thing would you do differently / better on social media that helps boost your online influence / presence?