This Edge Talk ‘In Search of the Perfect Health System’  was by Mark Britnell and took place on Friday 5 February from 9.30-11.00am GMT

Overview of the webinar

This webinar was a whistle-stop tour through the key messages and conclusions of Mark Britnell’s experiences of having run a hospital, a health system, a global healthcare enterprise and his own personal story as a cancer patient.

Beginning with an outline of what the perfect health system would look like, Mark described the seven global challenges facing countries around the world as they seek to provide high quality affordable care – themes like patient empowerment, clinical quality and workforce management. Mark finished by describing the major global trends that will reshape healthcare in the years to come – and where this is happening already.

About Mark Britnell…

mark britnell

Mark Britnell is Chairman and Partner of the Global Health Practice at KPMG in the UK and leads their Global Center of Excellence.

Mark masterminded the largest single new hospital building in the history of the NHS and helped develop the NHS Plan – a ten year plan for investment and reform. He speaks and writes regularly on international health affairs and the NHS and has consistently been voted one of the most influential people in the industry.

You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkBritnell and find out more about his latest book, ‘In Search of the Perfect Health System‘.


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