We love seeking out new knowledge for The Edge and making connections between people, ideas and learning. But we are only interested in this knowledge if it has the potential to help make a practical difference; to enable us collectively to make better, faster progress in transforming health and care. That’s why we combine our knowledge hub activities with many actions to mobilise people and build leadership for positive change in health and care.

On 30th January, the team that brings you The Edge is launching the 2015 term of The School for Health and Care Radicals. The School is a free, virtual, modular learning programme, open to anyone, that takes places over five weeks. Our goal is to give people the skills, confidence and networks to challenge the status quo and to play their part in progressive change, in the spirit of the blog by Khurshed Dehnugara that is featured in this edition.

We started the School in 2014 as a response to the many grassroots colleagues who told us that they felt that they didn’t have permission to make even the smallest changes in their workplace or local setting. The reaction was overwhelming. In 2014, 1,900 people registered for the School from over 40 countries. There were 35,000 downloads of the School’s free materials and the social media reach was 2.6 million people a week. We created a thriving, global community of change activists in health and care. We have captured many positive stories of the difference that the School made in people’s lives.

So The School for Health and Care Radicals is back for 2015, with a better learning format based on the learning from last year. You can view the curriculum of the School. Already hundreds of people have signed up. You can sign up too, whether you just want to be able to download the learning materials or you want to do follow up work to become a “Certificated Change Agent” and get Continuing Professional Development points.

One of our big themes at The Edge is the shift that is taking place in the world of change from change programmes to change platforms. This was the topic of one of the knowledge pieces we featured in issue two of The Edge. As part of our commitment to this approach, we have launched a campaign with The Health Service Journal and Nursing Times (based on a change platform) to ignite the collective brilliance of the workforce of the NHS to “challenge top down change”. This campaign is running for ten weeks and will culminate in a free interactive resource on leading change, based on the wisdom and practical experience of NHS colleagues. We hope you will contribute to the campaign. You can sign up here.

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