Welcome to this first edition of The Edge, brought to you by the Horizons Group, part of NHS Improving Quality, the national improvement body for the National Health Service in England. We are a small team operating at the brink of current thinking and practice of change and transformation in health and care. We are proud to be part of the NHS system and everything it stands for but we are deliberately positioned at the very edge of the system. We have one foot inside the NHS, connecting with leaders of change and transformation across England. Our other foot is outside the system, bringing new knowledge back to the NHS from leading practitioners, researchers, disruptive innovators and opinion formers across the globe. We hope that these new connections and the injection of additional thinking will both assist and disrupt conventional change practice and lead to better health and care outcomes for patients and the public.

The Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality
The Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality

The Horizons Group and The Edge are part of a global trend for creative processes (including organisational development and change management) to move to the edges of organisations. Futurists predict that in the near future, the edges will be where almost all high-value work will be done in organisations. The Edge is where those who want to challenge are able to unite, share, support and grow together as change activists. Leading from the edge brings you into contact with a far wider range of relationships, and in turn, this increases our potential for diversity in terms of thought, experience and background. Diversity leads to more disruptive thinking, faster change and better outcomes.

This first edition of The Edge contains curated articles, blogs, resources and inspiration that are hand-picked to appeal to a wide range of change leaders in health and care. We want to stimulate discussion, challenge pre-conceptions, widen the view and build knowledge about a number of the key themes that emerged from our white paper, The new era of thinking and practice in change and transformation. You will soon find that this is not your usual healthcare bulletin; this is purposefully designed and curated to flip traditional thinking and mental models.

We hope you will be able to move your change thinking and practice closer to the edge, so that your ideas are more radical and your change processes more transformational. At the same time, we need the edge to co-exist with and influence mainstream ways of organising for change. That is our ultimately our goal for our work in the Horizons Group and we hope it will be your goal as a change leader too. The Edge is evolving and will be shaped by your collaboration, insight and energy. Please join in, comment, Tweet, share and tell us what you think. The Edge will only be as good or useful as the connectivity it helps create.

Helen Bevan, November 2014