Welcome to our NHS Transformathon special issue of The Edge.

On January 27th, The Edge is hosting NHS Transformathon: a free, 24-hour, online event bringing together health and care staff and service users to connect, share and learn from each other.

This edition of The Edge takes a closer look at some of the innovative ideas and thinking that will be shared and discussed at the event.

Like The Edge, NHS Transformathon will showcase the latest innovations, practices and methodologies to inspire you with ways to make change happen. Each session will bring together change leaders, health and care professionals and patients from across the globe to discuss how they are making changes to improve their local health and care services…

Highlights of NHS TransformathonTransformathon include:

  • Roy Lilley and Terri Porrett describe the journey of The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff to the point where it has become THE place to go to share all the good things.
  • Nigel Edwards, CEO of health charity Nuffield Trust (UK) and leaders in the crowdsourcing community will debate the potential of designing-by-crowd.
  • Dr. Peter Fuda, one of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners in transformational change will join us from Sydney, Australia with a guide to his best research and insights.

Find out about all the sessions and speakers, add invites to your calendar and watch live or later at http://theedge.nhsiq.nhs.uk/transformathon.

Remember to tweet using the hashtag: #NHSTform.

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