Are you passionate about your work or is it just a job? This is the theme of this article – how to ensure all people within an organisation see themselves as part of the bigger picture.

George Kouros article is correct in his assertion that the key to enabling people to feel empowered is to cede control. In my experience a lot of reluctance to do so is fear based.

Before becoming ill I worked within a large bureaucracy which ran on coercion and having the proverbial trains running on time at all costs. It was little wonder that many talented, creative people withdrew behind blinkers and stuck rigidly to their narrowly defined tasks. It just seemed safer that way.

In a healthcare setting I wonder to what extent fear similarly gets in the way of sharing power, which can seem messy and a challenge too far in already challenging times. This is such a pity as the place where personal insight meets with professional expertise is where the energy and the real innovation lies.