To encourage diversity of thought, Google focuses firstly on gender inequality and race inequality issues as their starting point.

Improving diversity in the workplace starts with tackling our unconscious biases. This is what Google found when it discovered it has real equality and diversity issues embedded within the culture of its own organisation. This article provides a great example of Google. In this case google recognizes that a diverse workforce is good and key for business. However, achieving a representative workforce means changing deep-seated behaviours and office cultures. Google’s strategy involves citing research to its employees that diverse teams can be more creative than homogeneous ones. In its attempt to introduce diversity in the workplace, the article describes how Google’s HR group starts by carrying out a project on the organisation’s hidden biases.

Similar to Google, do you think biases exist in your own organisation and do you think this behaviour is affecting creativity within your organisation?

How is your organisation encouraging diversity in the workplace?

Do you think this is the case, are diverse teams more creative than homogeneous ones?

How is your organization encouraging diversity and more importantly diversity of thought?


This contextual piece was written by Arsha Sharma, Project Manager at Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality @arshakumari