Friday 3 February, 2017 at 9.30am (GMT)

Collaborating Out Loud believes there are many ways we can create organisations that utilise everyone’s potential.

In February’s Edge Talk Claire and Kev will share a way to help organisations begin to craft a different culture. A culture where everyone’s voice is heard and equal; where hierarchies are broken down; and where leaders can still provide direction, but in an enabling and supportive way.

This Edge Talk is for you if you want to explore how we can enable frontline staff to be more innovative, engaged, happy, and productive by creating organisations that are more democratic and based on freedom.

The WorldBlu 10 principles of organisational democracy provide a framework for organisations to begin their exploration and journey:

  1. Purpose and vision
  2. Transparency
  3. Dialogue and listening
  4. Fairness and dignity
  5. Accountability
  6. Individual + Collective
  7. Choice
  8. Integrity
  9. Decentralisation
  10. Reflection and evaluation.

Claire and Kev will share their thoughts, experiences, practical ideas and ideas for how organisations can progress on this journey.  They will also explore the potential benefits for health, care and the broader public sector.


About Our Speakers

Claire Haigh

Claire works with organisations, systems and places to help them to explore, shape and connect future public services. She is passionate about working with people to help them reach their potential and develop innovative approaches to problems. Claire believes that through working collectively and collaboratively we can achieve so much more together and in this world of social networks and connections, technology can be a huge enable to this work.

Claire is an experienced, future-focused and connected public service leader with extensive experience of leading collaborative programmes that transcend organisational and professional boundaries, while achieving real and lasting outcomes. An expert networker, influencer and mobiliser, she always approaches programmes with authenticity, passion and from a strength-based perspective. Claire excels at working in multi-functional teams, across organisational boundaries and where meaningful connections need to be made to achieve better outcomes. Being a qualified coach and with a background in organisational transformation and development and an RSA Fellow she has a strong foundation for the collaborative work undertaken and a practical understanding of the skills and behaviours required of our 21st century public servants.

Kevin Wyke


Kev believes in the power and potential of all. He thinks there are many ways we can organise our work that don’t rely on a small group of powerful people bending the rest to their will…or the robots taking over.

He is a facilitator, speaker, coach and Leadership Development consultant working with public sector organisations to bring innovative thinking and creative collaborative approaches to getting work done. Kev does this by creating and facilitating opportunities for conversations, exploration, understanding, connection and collaboration. It involves drawing on aspects of strengths, positive psychology, and principles of democracy, freedom and trust in the workplace. Helping systems to explore their future, unlock their resourcefulness and realise their potential including through large scale open space collaborations and whole organisation change programmes.

Kev is a Faculty member of both the NHS Leadership Academy working with NHS Top Leaders, and Leeds University’s Centre for Innovation in Healthcare Management.


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