Can you find the right expert outside your industry to solve problems? Poetz and Prugl bring together a different way of working into a comprehensive pyramid model to try this. The main thinking behind the approach is to look at connections and the natural curiosity of individuals to solve difficulties.

The pyramid document is helpful to share learning and the interesting point that experts at the top of the pyramid in the target field are often connecting to others in totally different industries. These experts can examine an articulated problem with fresh perspective and refer on again in other analogous fields.

This contextualises an approach that will enable thought diversity, fast track of technology between industries and drive innovation. A good example of pyramiding for answers is the way that the 3d printing industry is revolutionising prototyping, development of new products and within healthcare.

Jackie Lynton


This contextual piece was written by Jackie Lynton, Head of Transformation, Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality @JackieLynton