This is a very honest film from hospital staff talking about the issues they faced daily within the emergency department and the impact.  Although their improvement work is not a new methodology what is new is a hospital talking openly about their problems, how this made staff feel and sharing the solutions.

I could relate so much to the emotions which they talked about and the loss of hope in solving problems and how this can take us further as health and care staff away from the reasons why we went into this career.

What I liked about this film was the fact that the trust made a choice to share the problems and that all departments took actions to solve them. I could relate this film to a recent interview by Sir Dave Brailsford head of British Cycling and Sky Team,  in the Harvard Business Review

In the interview he talks of 1% improvements which is the theory of marginal gains, he had used in his work in cycling. This theory basically believes that if 1% improvements are achieved to each step of a process when added together will offer a greater shared result. For him and his team it was ‘The podium principles’ which was always looking for the improvements to achieve the winning medals. The team continuously looked for gains and this became a contagious enthusiasm for seeking better.

The question for me is how can we create a culture where staff are continuously seeking marginal gains in their own departments?

What would your podium principles look like in your team?