Sourced by: @HelenBevan
Picked by: @JodiMBrown

Here in the Horizons Group at NHS Improving Quality, we are keen followers of Céline Schillinger @CelineSchill, Head of Quality Innovation and Engagement at Sanofi Pasteur and Charter Member of Change Agents WorldWide. This TEDx talk by Céline is 16 minutes and 36 seconds of pure dynamism that will inspire, hearten and recharge the soul.

Celine introduces her TEDx talk like this…

“Here’s a story of an actual, positive transformation powered by social networks. This is an approach that was striving for impact. An initiative that has leveraged collaboration and activism to produce concrete outcomes. It took place in the field of health, but it could really happen anywhere – where you have a purpose.”

…and ends her talk with a passionate call to action,

“So, do something. Do anything. Join one of the initiatives. Follow them, contribute, and share. Talk to your organization . Explore the possibilities. Or, even better, design something similar for a cause that’s worth it, a cause that’s very dear to your heart.”

What is your TEDx moment?

We challenge you to look to the future and imagine you are standing in Céline’s shoes on a TEDx stage. You have one opportunity to broadcast to the world. What is your talk about? What are you celebrating and sharing? What is your purpose? What is your call to action? How will you earn your TEDx moment?

If you liked this TEDx talk by Céline Schillinger you can follow her on Twitter @CelineSchill or read more on her website We Need Social