Vala Asfar takes the reader on a comprehensive tour of using information technology to drive success in Formula one and eleven factors that can be crucial. The article shows the fast pace of innovation and covers why good human relationships matter in teams. If you are not a Formula one fan don’t be put off reading this article and watching the video, key insights can be applied to health care.

To put this in context for health many Formula One teams have other sections of their business which are fast tracking innovation and technology from racing to acute and community healthcare. I have seen a presentation by Maclaren on their health projects – one of which uses telemetry in patient care partnering with the NHS. This was fascinating as I could relate this easily to the team working together to look after patients in ITU using telemetry.   The McLaren project worked with the emergency department and ambulance service to improve the care of paediatric patients. Sensors on patients relay data from the scene of the accident to the waiting emergency department team who can analyse and care for their patient in real time.

Graeme Hackland (Chief Information Officer for Williams) video section highlights that the information generated via car during the race enables performance to be tuned on a minute by minute basis. Think what this can do to improve patient care for instance in the Mclaren example. The testing of this technology in a race car will filter across to the healthcare industry and can be seen in the acute setting and community with telehealth, fitness monitors, diabetes monitoring.   Find out more about this cutting edge technology by checking out the video and article together.