Is there an appetite for transformational change in the NHS?  Over one weekend in January 2015, this blog post, based around a poem, triggered a positive reaction from individuals working in health and social care in Britain and across the world.  In total the blog was retweeted 207 times, had 337 viewings and was posted to websites and Facebook pages in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Spain, France and Australia.

Patients wanted to comment on the blog post and an online conversation developed around leadership at all levels, thought diversity and how reflecting on a poem could enable people to consider their individual role in making a difference.

A simple poem by Guilliame  Apollinaire and a blog post connected a diverse set of individuals by social media, who commented, shared and debated the need for change in health and social care.  Despite all the challenges there is a clear message from people at the front line and patients who want to support transformational change, that they want to be involved and bring about innovation in the NHS now.