Solution Focussed Brief Therapy has become increasingly popular in mental health as an antithesis to risk or problem focussed approaches – rather than focussing on why I felt low in mood six days out of seven, solution focussed approaches look at what went well on the seventh day. When we focus on the next big flashy transformation program or consider what to do about our ‘worry wards’, maybe we could take a leaf from this approach…

Frugal innovation focusses on how to develop improvements within existing resources. In healthcare this would mean looking for positive deviants, the teams that have cracked it, and understanding the micro-behaviours that have helped them do this. This could be an adaption to a new ordering system, meaningful implementation of a new bit of kit etc. With the financial envelope unlikely to change for the foreseeable future, frugal innovation seems an important framework to consider.

Leadbeater, C. (2014) “The Frugal Innovator: creating change on a shoestring budget” Palgrave Macmillan

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