What does a Transforming Perceptions of Midwifery Ambassador do?

  • Acts as a local ambassador for midwifery, representing our profession in a positive light and by doing so, building awareness and positive perceptions
  • Creates a bridge between activities to promote midwifery locally and the nationwide campaign
  • Speaks for local organisations and the midwives in them within the national campaign
  • Brings back the ideas and calls to action from the national campaign and customise, remix and reshape then so they will work in a local context
  • Leads the local version of the campaign and get people engaged and taking action

Who can be a Transforming Perceptions of Midwifery Ambassador?

  • Everyone from first year students to all registrants on NMC and supporters
  • Practitioners from all stages in their career across all disciplines and sectors
  • Those in full and part time employment
  • People working across health and care sectors, including voluntary organisations

What support will you receive?

  • Coaching and mentoring support
  • Have an opportunity to build your own and collective agency for change
  • Join a growing national network
  • Share what works and develop your knowledge and learning
  • Take part in an exciting programme of events and challenges including a regular newsletter and opportunity to participate in virtual and face-to-face meetings
  • Be able to demonstrate your passion and pride for the professions

Does this sound like something you’d like to get involved with? Email – england.perceptionsofmidwifery@nhs.net


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