There are many ways to share content online and one of the most interesting is to create your own virtual scrapbook using tools such as ‘Flipboard’. The attached article and commentary below are from our very own Carol Read and excellently demonstrates how to use this format.

Paul Woodley

Flipboard magazines are great for pulling together curated content on a subject and sharing with others in a simple way. The Horizons team have been developing their knowledge around hackathons, taking a methodology from the tech industry and fine tuning it for the health and social care environment.

This Flipboard magazine was curated to provide extra information around the concept of hackathons leading on from the #CM hack and #PFHack . It includes tweets from patients and others around the world who was involved virtually with this hack and insight from the Change model and Patient Flow hacks. A further Flipboard magazine on hackathons was developed and is shared in issue 14 of The Edge.