The Horizons team, a national improvement support unit within the NHS in England, is taking a big step forward. 

The team is exploring ways of transitioning to a situation of greater flexibility.

We positively impact people’s lives by building a generation of transformational leaders who together can tackle the biggest challenges in health, care and beyond. History shows us that the great social movements get their energy by growing a distributed leadership for change.

We want to play our part in creating leaders everywhere who can respond creatively, continually innovate and stimulate new and disruptive approaches to improve the health and care system.

Who we are

We are a passionate group of people, with NHS values, who believe that the health and care system has a bright future. We are moving from the centre to the edge of the NHS system because we believe that that is the best place from which we can support it.

This runs through the core of our new organisation: a staff-owned social enterprise that seeks to invest any profits into funding innovations that can help the health and care sector.

We are highly skilled, with a long track record of breakthrough innovation, practical implementation of change, identifying and sharing knowledge for change, developing leaders of change and getting results.

What we do

We have seven core activities:

  1. Acting as a source of new trends, ideas and evidence in practical approaches to large scale change so it can happen more speedily and effectively.
  2. Supporting local and national organisations, teams and networks to initiate, test and implement new and disruptive solutions to big challenges.
  3. Providing a place (virtual and physical) to test, learn and experiment with change, with a focus on tangible outcomes.
  4. Creating platforms to connect thousands of people nationally and globally to help each other solve problems.
  5. Helping leaders to speed up learning, build capability and create the conditions for successful change through the use of rapid improvement and accelerated design techniques.
  6. Putting the voice of young and emerging leaders, trainee clinicians and students into solutions for the future.
  7. Collaborating with many other teams and organisations and embracing diversity so that the sum is always greater than the parts.

If you would like to register an expression of interest in working with us in the future or if you would like to get involved in any other way then please contact:

Paul Woodley

Email: pwoodley@nhs.net

Telephone: 024 7662 7543

We look forward to hearing from and working with you!