Interestingly, Adobe see this as a process (which most people would probably assume is the very antithesis of innovation) and they have created an opportunity for anyone within their organisation to participate in a exercise to develop ideas to pitch for funding.

Another useful talk comes from the co-founder of Intercom who explains his (very entertaining) approach to defining strategy in relation to product innovation, because without this most products won’t be fit for purpose which is to fulfill a customer need (and make them lots of profit!).

A couple of common principles evident here which we can apply to transformation in the NHS include:

  • the idea that innovation can (and should) come from anywhere in an organisation – not just those paid to do it – so if you need some innovative ideas cast your net wide, put the call out and give everyone the opportunity to be an innovator
  • if someone does have an idea then we should do everything we reasonably can to remove barriers for them to develop it into something which can be tested
  • we should consider the rigour a commercial company would apply when considering the ‘needs of the customer’ by placing the emphasis of our innovations on the unmet needs of the patient