I have found this a really interesting article about the value of being part of a community in your organisation can bring to those who wish to embark on being a change activist, especially when faced with more and more time constraints in today’s world.

The examples used by Tanveer illustrate the benefits of having a sense of community when trying to make a difference not only to make something a success but how important it is when it comes to trying to overcome some of the challenges in doing so.

Finding a creative space to meet and air your views and finding others with a similar shared purpose can mean a lot especially if personal experiences can be shared and resolved together.

For a change activist in health and care making your vision become a reality and having a support to develop your idea to create something that matters to you and others can help individuals and organisations achieve collective change. Being heard and connecting with others is just as important to make a difference.

Describe your experience of being part of a community?

Is there a shared purpose?

Does the community help with removing some of the barriers and challenges you face?



This contextual piece was written by Arsha Sharma, Project Manager at Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality @arshakumari