Do you ever get the feeling that you need to learn more about emotional intelligence? Curious as to whether or not integrating the rational and emotional sides of yourself will improve your leadership skills? This article from the Harvard Business Review looks at the history of research in emotional intelligence and developments in the five key areas of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation (beyond money and status), empathy, and social skills such as managing relationships and building networks. Daniel Goleman claims that emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership and I’m inclined to agree with him; leadership focuses not just on results but also relationships. If we can build the skills and resilience to have better relationships with ourselves and others then better results will surely follow.

oliandersonOli Anderson @OliJAnderson

Oli is a mental health worker currently based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He is currently studying for a coaching diploma and has just finished his first book, Personal Revolutions, a work of practical philosophy. He has been on dialysis since 2007 and is currently waiting for a kidney transplant.