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The School for Health and Care Radicals successfully ran for a second year this February, with hugely impressive levels of participation. But what has it actually contributed – on individuals’ ability to be change radicals, their energy for change, and the services they contribute to?

Since late 2014, the research arm of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD), the professional body for HR and people development, has been conducting an evaluation of the SHCR. We will talk through the results of this work, including impact measures on how participants act as change agents. We will also hear from individuals who took part in the school about how they have put their learning to use and what aspects of the school they found most powerful.

This talk will be presented by the CIPD research team, who will be joined by two participants in the school. The report will be published late September, so this is a chance to get a preview of the findings and insights.

Other speakers to include

Ksenia Zheltoukhova, CIPD

Stella Martorana, CIPD

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