When was the last time you made a decision based on your organisation’s values or your principles? Jon Mertz’s article focusses on the stark contrast between value-driven leadership and self-centred dictatorship.

After reading Mertz’s piece, (Or hopefully before if you’re already a refined leader!), the concept of principles should become crystal clear. No longer a list of emboldened, box-ticking verbs that dress your homepage or office wall but a constant measure of why we all come to work. A trophy cabinet that attracts admiration encourages performance and repels the single-minded approach.

Principles are or should be how we conduct ourselves. Look at the next task on your to-do list and how you intend to action it. Did your values/principles feature in the equation?

If values are to be the DNA of culture in the workplace – the Shangri-La we wish to build, they need to be visible in everything we do.


This contextual piece has been written for you by Simon Platt, Senior Improvement Manager at North West Commissioning Support Group @NHSPlatt