Some great tips here from Google about how they boost creativity within their organisation. This helpful summary of the practices that have done most to foster innovation include great nuggets about how they identify the most creative individuals in their midst – by asking “brain teaser” questions such as “how many golf balls could you fit in a school bus?”

I particularly liked their take on diversity. They state that it is not enough just to assemble a diverse mix of people as the problem of bias remains unaddressed. Google have confronted this issue by what they term “unbiasing” tools to help people understand those biases and start to challenges them.

The final comments on “psychological safety” within a team being a prerequisite for creativity really resonated. Success of a team, according to Google, depends on how safe people feel to share ideas and more importantly show vulnerability. It begs the question on how much creativity and innovation is remaining buried due to lack of psychological safety within health and social care organisations at the present time….