Marwa Hijazi’s blog on rebellious leadership will resonate with people passionate about innovation in healthcare. As we strive to improve the care and experience of patients, it is increasingly clear that the challenges we face aren’t going to be solved by doing more of the same. We need fundamentally different ways of thinking, and this is going to come from the edge, led by rebels challenging the rules. Rebellion for its own sake is irrelevant. Marwa talks about purposeful rebellion and working towards achieving a long-lasting vision. I have, at my hospital, challenged clinicians to review some of their fundamental assumptions and work practices to achieve earlier discharge home. It wasn’t until this was framed in terms of improving patient experience that clinicians accepted that this wasn’t just another attempt to reduce the length of stay. Rebellious leadership can seem scary but when used to achieve a shared purpose it is exhilarating.

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This contextual piece was written for you, by Peter Charles Hunter Associate Professor and Director of Aged Care at Caulfield Hospital, Melbourne, Australia @PeterCHunter