Scott Anthony’s article stood out for me because it reflects a niggle I’ve had for a while. It’s all too easy to jump on the innovation bandwagon and divert resources into an innovation project or set up a hack event; but none of this will really have an impact unless it fits into your organisation strategy and culture.

Scott’s premise is the company with the flashy video and all the right tools; but, coining a lovely phrase, he describes it as “innoganda”; creating the pretense of innovation without having any actual effect in the real world.

As the NHS knows only too well, real innovation is hard and it’s made harder with systems that are designed to reduce variation (which most established organisations work to do). “Innoganda” makes it more difficult to identify what is genuine progress and innovation and what is just hype which serves no purpose beyond creating an illusion.

Luckily Scott has some key questions that can help identify what is real and what isn’t, and whilst not all the questions directly relate to the health and care sector; they form a basis that can be used to help initiate a conversation that will make it easy to spot the wheat from the chaff.