Kulp’s article covers the digital story of  ‘Humans of New York’  and the recent crowdfunding effort  supporting  inner – city students to make something of their life through education. The project started with a blog and photos to become a story of change and a viral hit.  Watch the video to understand how the day to day work of collating stories of hardship, inspiration, challenge and joy happens and what this means to the individuals who take part.

Stanton was not a professional photographer but used his skill of connecting to engage with others, bring to life their stories and capture a wider vision of the essence of human nature. The stories go out daily via Facebook and Twitter, inspiring other individuals to undertake street photography and commentary in their cities around the world. In the video, Stanton describes his motivation and values that enable him to operate creatively, transparently, ethically and raise funds to support the people of New York.

Is there space for #HumansOfTheNHS alongside other digital stories with snapshots and comments, showcasing the valuable thoughts of patients, carers, staff and the general public?