Well known Nursing change agent Joan Pons Laplana gives us his reflections on how the use of technology is changing culture in healthcare in his area. He works within a CCG focusing on the use of “Florence” or Flo an interactive mobile phone text service which communicates with the patient directly providing support and advice for them to manage their health condition. It can help patients monitor their blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels and many other things.

My interest in this as non-geek was in how Joan went about influencing the clinicians particularly to considering adopting Flo. He met with initial resistance but in true change agent style utilised a range of techniques to get the message across. He “went for ‘no’”, got the message out using social media, found his allies including among the patients engaged with the CCG, had connected conversations and above all formed relationships across the board – left to right, top to bottom.

Needless to say, his efforts are bearing fruits with 80% of the GP practices in his area now using Flo. Great to hear a practical example of a change agent getting results.