In this article Gary Hamel, cofounder of The Management Innovation Exchange, shares a story of highly effective innovation within an acute setting which is fuelled and driven by passion.

The narrative details the accomplishment of significant improvement to patient satisfaction in the context of incredibly tight timescales and no budget (sound familiar?).

While it seems almost too good to be true his account demonstrates the positive impact a very simple initiative can have in inspiring a whole organisation to unite and bring about positive change for the immediate benefit to patients’ quality of care, clinical outcomes and overall experience.

Through the article Gary makes the case that ‘empathy is the engine of innovation’ and he concludes that the ‘best’ innovations are those which seek to achieve noble and timeless ideals such as joy and love.

The undercurrent in this article is also a reminder that new ideas and concepts need not be radical, complicated or overly ambitious in order to be considered innovative; sometimes the most simple and straightforward initiatives are those which spread and sustain more smoothly in health and care.